Energy Performance Certificates

It is now a legal obligation to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for all rental properties, whether you own a singular property or an entire buy to let portfolio. Each property needs a valid EPC which must be made available to prospective tenants upon viewing the property.

Victoria Property Management offers an energy assessor service, providing EPCs in a timely and cost efficient manner.

  • Large network of energy assessors throughout Birmingham
  • Expert and highly trained domestic energy assessors
  • Quick inspection and fast production of EPCs

By introducing Energy Performance Certificates, we are able to see how energy effective individual properties are, and then take relevant steps to reduce these emissions.

An EPC tells you how energy efficient a property is on a scale from A to G. An EPC will also provide recommendations on how to make the home more energy efficient.

You will also need a valid EPC in place when you decide to sell a property.

Even if you are not actively in the process of letting or selling property, it is still considered good practice to obtain an EPC.

An EPC will provide valuable information and will help you take action to minimise outgoings and maximise energy efficiency.